Thank You for listening

I whisper in ears

But who, pray, lends them?

In all the quietitude

My thoughts lay still in mayhem.

I look into the eyes

And speak and convey

But nobody cares

And the words lay astray.

I shout and I yell

But all the hollering no use

The mind remains unwell

No peace no truce.

“I heard you” they say

Maybe not a lie

“But were you ‘listening’?”

My far fetched cry.

Am I asking for a lot?

Just a minute or two

Don’t need no answers

 Just some solace to get me through.

But they just don’t get me

Why,the words mean differently to them

Oh! It doesn’t take a brain

But a heart to understand.

And now, here I am

With little breath left

Trying not to get effaced

My art not too deft.

With you I feel safe

The words don’t lose their taste

You listen with piety

Meaning never lost in haste.

Thank you dear fellas

For opening the doors

Making lines of silver

Of the hope that pours.


With dust and sand she built her dreams

But the tempest of truth swept it all.

With colors she sketched her dreams

But reality took away the light.

Her castles were burnt in fumes

Nothing left but mere sand dunes.

Charred remains of nothingness.

She carved her dreams and swore and fought

But alas she was tethered too taut

And every step was thus stopped.

She flung and tried

The shackles finally giving in to her stride.

Sand and gore were the magic potion

Emancipation was her salvation.

Everything now brown and rud

Scarred and wounded she painted her dreams in blood.

Undoing faults

Time is fleeting

My fists are frenzied.

Fingers stretching,

Filled with sweat and mist,

In vain ,

Trying to get hold

Of the untamed wild beast.

Try what you may,
What is untamed may never be tamed.

Maybe make friends with it

The friendship forever stays unnamed.

The beast is friends with faults,

Faults that are tethered to it,

Faults that got you badly hit.

And the bond is strong,

Try breaking it

And it snaps.

Remorse and regrets

Are now the traps.

Purge me of guilt

Please take back my faults,

They aren’t mine.

It’s just time.

But once passed

Things are a past.

This I guess is now my Undoing.


Strolling through the streets
With the sweet twilight breeze caressing her damp hair with its fingers
She shut her eyes and took a deep breath
Oh, she could feel the air as concretely as the ground beneath
Everything seemed real, surreal.
The fondling music enwrapping the city
The firmament beaming with the white luminescence emanating from the fairly lights .
She made her way through alleys and passageways
Groping through the red brick houses
And squinting her eyes to catch the sight of – God knows what
But she felt, there was something
She was to find in that Maze of a town.
A shadow lurked behind somewhere, she felt,
Maybe trailing her.
There it was, the perfect silhouette
The man of her dreams, waiting for her
For this day spelled everything about it.
She could no longer keep herself
As she rushed past the air
And that was the only friction that would exist between them now.
She stood there watching, prepared to bow down and greet
As and when the moment would please.
And Lord, the look on a face when color drains from it
For there it was, the murkiest of barrels with a pot atop
Flanked by sticks and brooms and ladders, giving it an abstruse human form .
A feeling of self-pity and reproach
Shook her and she stood aghast.
Realization dawned upon her then,
And it resonates somewhere still now
That she fell for something that never really existed.